samedi 14 mai 2011

VIDÉO: Homemade Spaceship…

Voici encore une superbe histoire de "petite maison" (Tiny House) sur le blog Tiny House Blog «HOMEMADE SPACESHIP: a handbuilt tiny American Dream house», une vidéo d'une durée de 15:24, sur l'histoire de Kyle et Jeannie.

•• Homemade Spaceship - 15:24 ••

They said: «Our story really quickly: My partner, Jeannie and I met five years ago – fell in love the moment we first talked and have been traveling the world together ever since. Well – not the whole world – we’ve mostly lived in India – with a few diversions here and there. The point is we’ve been living out of a backpack as nomadic artist type people this whole time. We’ve just returned from India actually – less than a month ago – and one night while wandering around the internet I stumbled on the Tiny House Blog. Two days later we had bought a utility trailer and have been working at a mad dash ever since to make our home.
Actually, we consider our tiny house quite the upgrade from being homeless and living out of a backpack – so in a sense we are different than most as we’ve never had so much space to think about (we bought a dutch oven today – you can’t carry a dutch oven in a backpack). Our plan is to leave Minnesota (where Jeannie’s mom’s house is) and head to Denver. We are going to buy a small pickup truck there – we have use of an SUV like thing until Denver – and then head south and live nomadically on public lands for the next year or two or five or whatever we feel like in our tiny home. We’ll be migrant artists – hitting up craft fairs, farmers markets and every gallery we come upon in order to support ourselves».

Vous pouvez suivre leurs aventures sur leur BLOG et voir leurs créations sur leur boutique à ETSY.

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