dimanche 10 avril 2011

Fleurs en tissu

Voici comment créer des fleurs en tissu, à l'aide de tampons (clear stamps) de Hero Arts.


Une autre technique :
Quick and easy flower pins make wonderful gifts!
1. Stamp flower image two times in black ink on felt. Trim.
2. Stamp leaf image on green felt and trim.
3. Assemble the flower by adhering the pieces together with fabric glue or foam tape.
4. Embellish the center with a premade Jeweled Pastel Flower, attaching with fabric glue or
foam tape.
5. Use fabric glue to adhere the pin backing to the the flower.
6. Use other various flower images and embellishments to create a variety of flowers.

Voici une petite vidéo montrant la création de fleurs en tissu et feutre.

•• Felt Flower Pins, by Sally Traidman - 2:59 ••

Le tampon utilisé pour la fleur ci-dessus, est celui-ci : CL 518 Flourish Leaves And Flowers (ci-dessous).


Fabric Flowers

By Sally Traidman
Sally shares how to create her beautiful fabric flower pins.
Hero Materials:
CG134 Large Flower
CG148 Blossoms
AF101 Memories Ink Pad - Black

Additional Materials:
Fabric, batting or other stuffing material, buttons, thread, Fabri-tac blue (Beacon)

1. Stamp flower image onto fabric and set aside to dry completely. Cut backing piece.
2. Stitch around petals, either using a machine or by hand. Sew through both your stamped piece and the backing piece at the same time.
3. Trim around your flower.
4. Using pointy scissors, make tiny slits starting in the center of the backing piece up each petal about a quarter inch or so. Stuff with batting or anything you choose. (I used soft plastic dry cleaning bags) A very small crochet hook is helpful when stuffing.
5. Sew button on for center.
6. Stamp a leaf onto fabric, cut out and tuck behind flower using glue or stitching.
7. To turn your flower into a jewelry piece, stitch a clasp pin to a small oval of fabric, then glue or stitch to flower.

«I’ve been making these flowers for a while now. This summer batch was made from a lightweight neutral fabric rather than fall’s felt. Any fabric will work as long as it accepts the ink. Complete drying is important so the ink doesn’t rub off. A quarter of a yard will make TONS of flowers. Watch how simple it is in this video».

•• Fun with Fabric: Stamped Flower Pins, by Sally Traidman - 5:42 ••


Encore quelques idées…

Plus d'idées en regardant le catalogue 2011 de Hero Arts.

Voici certains tampons qui peuvent être utilisés pour créer ces fleurs en tissu :

- CL 495 Blossom Art
- CL 496 Layered Flowers
- CL 374 Big And Small Flowers
- CG 253 Bold Line Flower
- CG 249 Large Open Flower
- CG 254 Bold Solid Flower
- CG 255 Striped Flower
- CG 256 Small Striped Flower
- CG 284 Magical Flower
- CG 286 Three Leaves
- CG 289 Layered Flower
- CG 291 Threee Dotted Flowers
- CG 134 Lage Flower
- CG 194 Stencil Flower

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