samedi 2 avril 2011

Tiny Houses: YesWeecabins

Aaah! Que j'aimerais me construire une "Tiny House", petite maison sur une remorque… que malheureusement, il est interdit de faire rouler ici en France. Voici une nouvelle fois, une vidéo d'un de ces constructeurs de Tiny House, qui change de celles de Jay Shafer, avec la porte sur le côté au lieu de la positionner en bout de remorque. Pas très français tout cà :-) mais regardez plutôt.

• Tim Guiles: Conversations in Tiny House - 12:04 ••

«In 2008 Tim Guiles built two tiny houses based on Jay Shafer's "WeeBee" design (Tumbleweed Tiny House Co.) - one for himself and one for his son. He was so enthralled with tiny house living that one year later he formed a company, and hired an architect to help him with the design of his first product, an 8'x18' tiny house on a steel car trailer called "Elegant Simplicity." Tim and his partner, Kate, are now living in one of his tiny houses; he has sold another, and he is completing a third. George and Joan Packard, spent a couple of hours filming and talking with Tim in early January, 2011, in his tiny house, perched on the brow of a high field on his Vermont land».

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